STEIN’S, INC. – ChemStation MnDak

The ChemStation System offers custom-formulated, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning and process chemicals, delivered to refillable containers. Specially formulated industrial detergent and process chemical concentrates are blended by our patented manufacturing system, and transferred into a DOT approved holding tank on the ChemStation delivery truck.

Containerless Delivery System

A ChemStation tank is placed at your facility and filled by our metered delivery pump. You are charged for actual gallons delivered.

Our system is your Solution

• Quality is guaranteed and delivered where and when you need it
• Testing performed on every product batch
• Equipment for safe proportioning and dispensing
• Water-based, biodegradable, no discarded containers or residue
• Reduced Workers’ Compensation exposure
• OSHA Right-to-Know seminars and MSDS training

Easy dispensing methods minimize employee contact with chemical solutions.