STEIN’S, INC. – Laundry & Warewash

Our products are specially formulated to suit specific soil loads and water conditions. Stein’s, Inc. offers a complete line of solids and liquids for automatic dispensing and powders for manual operation. All three product lines include break, built detergents, suds, destainers, sour n’ softeners, sours, softeners and other specialty products.

Stein’s, Inc.’s Multi-Unit Account Program is designed to provide customers with a consistent, quality, safe and environmentally friendly sanitation program for all of their locations. Our quality line of microTECH products are designed to provide you with superior results, employee safety, and environmentally responsible packaging. Included in the program are employee training, instructional wall charts and service. Training, service and product delivery will be provided by trained, regionally located technicians.

In our MiniMax Mechanical Warewash Detergent and Rinse, the use of Micro Technology concentrates more active ingredients into two of our 3100 mL shuttles than in most 5 gallon pails. Both products are recommended for both high and low temperature warewashing applications. Great results are guaranteed, even in the toughest water conditions.

Whatever your laundering needs, we have the products to match. Professionally trained consultants are available to service your accounts at all times. Each consultant is adept in sanitation chemistry, laundry procedures, equipment and service. In-service training is also offered to your employees, ensuring proper use of products and procedures. We’re dedicated to providing you with excellent service and results. No other laundry program offers more.